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Newtell™ Solutions is a US-based provider of the Multi-Vendor Self-Service Terminal Software Solution TellME™.

TellME™ supports over 60 categories of self-service devices from over 16 global manufacturers! It ranks in the top 4 of preferred Multi-Vendor & Self-Service Terminal Software providers and represents over 7% of all cross-platform ATM installations world-wide (based on the 2013 RBR report). With more than 15 years' experience in software development and over 100,000 installations of TellME™ worldwide, Newtell™ Solutions delivers proven reliable cross-platform applications. It is what you expect from an Industry Leader.

Become our business partner and reward yourself with the benefits of TellME™, a smart and versatile universal software featuring open architecture, extensive web applications, security integration, advanced monitoring, and ATM network performance improvement.


TellME Cross-platform Universal Software - the Driving Force Behind Each Self-service Terminal

TellME™ Cross-Platform Universal Software — the Driving Force Behind Each Self-Service Terminal

  • A proven and reliable cross-platform solution ranking in the top four worldwide, with over 100,000 installations and 7% of the global cross-platform ATM market (Report based on the RBR study titled "Multi-Vendor Software 2013").
  • A robust solution capable of processing well over 2 billion annual bill pay transactions!
  • Seamless operation with over 60 categories of self-service devices supported, including ATMs, ADMs, Money Changers, Coin Processing, Ticketing, Parking Services, Vending machines, Info-Kiosks, POS / Transaction Terminals, and much more!
  • A multi-vendor compliant software seamlessly integrating with top hardware vendors, including NCR, Wincor, Nautilius, Diebold, OKI, Banqit, ScanCoin, MultiCash, Sallen, SAGA, SFOUR, DORS, New City, Quantum, Confood, and many others!
  • Open architectural design and non-standard hardware support.
  • Configurable special assistance services and extensive web applications, including service delivery, teller assistance, persons with disabilities assistance, and much more!
  • Dynamic security integration such as TellME Security (configuration and local security policies), and TellME IQ Shield (cyber threats and hacker protection including antivirus).
  • Built-in anti-skimming prevention with perpetual real-time auditing, including video surveillance.
  • A unique combination of Blending and Reliability, turning every self-service device into a smart, safe, resilient, and easy to use terminal. A total turnkey solution, ready to deliver!
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TellME POS is a universal application software designed to effectively control and efficiently run on a wide range of POS-terminals. It provides all operations needed in a sophisticated POS system; from basic sales transactions supporting a magnitude of payment methods (including the upcoming global EMV standard), to the handling of an elaborate loyalty program! Additional supported features include third party payments through various frontal systems and standalone or networked operations using our infamous Terminal Management System. Rest assured your investment is protected with the state of the art features of this system. From functionality down to aesthetic details, TellME POS gives an overall high-tech impression, and we are proud to recommend it to you!

TellME XFS is a universal software module designed to interact as a primary interface with the hardware of various self-service devices such as ATMs, info-kiosks, ticketing terminals, vending machines, etc. The module is based on CEN/XFS specifications, a reliable and well-accepted global standard. It marks the ideal solution for self-service devices that lack an indigenous hardware abstraction layer, used to interface in harmony with the device's application software.

WEB-Extension is a software-based component, designed to manage the multitude of screen outputs within a web-browser. A key operating principle of the TellME application is utilizing a web-browser object to display information through the screen to the user, as well as other tasks, such as interactive dialogs and data-entries. This component enhances visual image blending among standard TellME screen outputs and NDC protocol maintenance scripts. It manages the display of waiting screen messages through standard HTML, Macromedia flash animations, video clips, and other objects a typical web-browser can utilize in order to display a message.

IQ Shield is a software module designed to operate as a preventive mechanism against the execution of unauthorized and malicious spyware programs infecting self-service devices. This robust method of protection utilizes a constant audit of all processes executed by the operating system, as well as controlling the launch of new processes. This prohibits the unauthorized execution of any program within the self-service device. The monitoring is continuous and in real-time. The security system's configuration is based on trust certificates, thus allowing this configuration quite a bit of flexibility.

IQ Front is a cross-platform secure browser capable of serving a multitude of self-service devices, including POS-terminals, mobile phones and tablets that support various social cards / bank cards (including the EMV standard – a fast upcoming global standard designed to ensure much higher security and greater convenience), and e-passports and cards. A primary feature within this browser is the adaptation of a website in real-time, allowing for its improved appearance on the touch-screen display. Although the IQ Front platform has many advantages, its ability to adapt the appearance of each website for optimized viewing by the accessing device, clearly stands out! It is a sophisticated module, and we are proud to recommend it to you without reservation!

TellME Unified Agent is a software-based component, designed for remote monitoring and management of self-service devices utilizing TellME software. It facilitates in the software's adaptation to interface with 3rd party banking monitoring systems. This is achieved by sharing WMI-commands (Windows Management Instrumentation), and by informing the device status utilizing the XFS protocol. WMI represents a Windows core technology intended for the centralized management and monitoring of the in-service mode on a self-service device, as well as the state of a financial session. TellME Unified Agent allows for the processing of a pre-defined WMI-command list. Using XFS protocol commands, TellME Unified Agent delivers requests to the self-service device's manufacturer Service Provider, or to the hardware abstraction layer of TellME, in order to obtain device status information.

MassPay is a transport-type software module designed to process a variety of payment types initiated by online customers, using banking self-service devices running TellME. Payments can be made using bankcards or cash, against a number of services, including but not limited to utilities, taxes and fines, mobile providers, loan installments, internet access, and many more!

Download TellME full specifications brochure (1.1 Mb)



CIAB FEBRABAN 2014 – Newtell Participation


Newtell™ Solutions proudly completed its participation at CIAB FEBRABAN, the largest Financial Sector and Technology focused event in South America that took place in Sao Paulo, Brazil, on June 4-6, 2014. This year, there were 129 exhibitors and an estimated 16,800 visitors, over 70 speakers at the congress and about 1,900 congress participants.

Newtell™ Solutions scored high during this event, having attracted over 400 visitors from the financial business and solution integrators.

"Even though our presence at CIAB was smaller comparing to the recent ATMIA conference in the US, still the response and the interest from our visitors were just incredible and overwhelming!", said Dr. Irena Grinevich, Newtell's Executive Director.

Newtell™ Solutions continues aggressive strategic planning for International Market penetration and for expanding its established reputation as a trusted partner and solution provider for the management of self-service devices of every type, and across every market.


Newtell ATMIA 15th Conference Participation - the Aftermath

Newtell™, a South Florida based solutions provider for self-service devices, just completed its participation as a Silver Sponsor at the 15th Annual ATMIA conference, the largest ATM-focused event in the world!

During this event, its flagship software-based solution TellME™ was introduced, a truly universal and unique product, designed to literally be the driving force behind each self-service device, or transaction terminal.

Newtell™ Solutions scored high during this event, having attracted over 800 visitors, with top class hardware vendors from the financial industry, elite banking solution integrators, and top financial institution representatives.

"…The success of this event has been tremendous and frankly beyond our expectation! We are simply overwhelmed from such a positive response, opening up the potential for many strategic business partnerships with established leaders of this industry. It definitely is a milestone event in the history of Newtell™ Solutions. We wanted to show to our visitors that through introduction of new and innovative technologies, we are a one stop shopping, whatever the needs in building and operating an intelligent transaction terminal may be! And looks like we succeeded!" — said Dr. Irena Grinevich, Newtell's Executive Director.

Newtell™ Solutions continues through hard work and careful strategies its international markets penetration and uplifting raking position, aspiring to become the preferred solution provider for the management of self-services devices of every type, and across every market!

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